Bedroom Ceiling Painting Mistakes To Avoid In Blue Bell, PA

Bedroom Ceiling Painting Mistakes To Avoid In Blue Bell, PA

Your bedroom ceiling may not have been painted since your home was built — and even if it is looking fairly okay, you can add a nice look to your room by putting a coat of paint on it, perhaps with a new color or colors.

However, what some people don’t realize is the way that some of the most basic mistakes will cause your bedroom ceiling painting project to really get derailed.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some bedroom ceiling painting mistakes that you’re going to want to avoid if you want a well painted bedroom ceiling.

1. Removing No Furniture

With few exceptions, leaving your furniture in the bedroom is a mistake when you’re trying to get the ceiling painted — for one, it’s going to be quite difficult to maneuver around the furniture while you are painting.

Additionally, you can just imagine the kinds of messes that you are more likely to make if you leave your furniture in the room, leave that furniture unprotected, and just allow paint to drip down onto it as you paint — on the off chance you’re not trying to create abstract art in your bedroom, this is something to avoid.

Of course there are certainly times when it’s just impossible or too impractical to remove the furniture from your bedroom, in which case you have to just do your best with what you have and try to properly cover the furniture with tarp and drop cloth, and maneuver around it while you are painting.

2. Not Cleaning

You should likely realize that trying to apply primer and paint to a dusty and dirty ceiling is going to produce results that look like you have just taken a dusty and dirty ceiling and applied primer and paint to it — not so great.

Instead, what you really need to do is to fully clean the ceiling, even if it means you have to get it a bit moist as it were, because ultimately you will be applying primer and paint to the clean ceiling and not dealing with the rather unpleasant look of a dirt under your paint.

Of course, in doing this you’re going to also want to make sure that you have allowed your ceiling to fully dry before you consider moving onto the next steps in painting or you will find that your efforts to paint will be met with a bit more of a mess than you would have wanted.

3. Making Make Shift Scaffolding

Though you might think fondly of scaffolding and think of it as a benchmark through which you view all things regarding the best ways to get to higher places in a painting project, this does not mean that you can just make your own scaffolding with things you have laying about the house.

As easy as this sounds, it is a bad idea in terms of practicality in that you are likely going to be making something that will be quite difficult to move around your bedroom compared to, for example, a standard work ladder that you can carry around from one part of the room to another.

It’s also a terrible idea in that your best mish mosh of parts that get you high up in the room is also quite likely rather unstable and possibly extremely unsafe — there’s a reason that the actual scaffolding systems that you see being used in construction and painting cost as much as they do, because they are quite stable and sturdy and not just going to collapse if you stand somewhere for too long.

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