Bathroom Painting Prep To Know In Ambler, PA

Bathroom Painting Prep To Know In Ambler, PA

Before you paint your bathroom (or really take on any painting project) there are a number of things that are good to do as far as painting preparation.

These are the kinds of things that, should you fail to do them, will lead to you having a painting project that could take significantly longer and in some cases need to be paused and then restarted just because of how well they help get you ready for the painting project.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some tips for bathroom painting prep to know when you want a better painted bathroom.

1. Choose The Right Colors For The Bathroom

One thing that you’re going to want to do before you even think about the process of painting your bathroom is to make sure that you have the right colors picked out for the room.

There are few things that are quite as bad as thinking that you are ready to start painting when you suddenly realize that you don’t even have the colors picked out.

Of course, if you are just touching up the color that is already there, you pretty much have it made but otherwise, it helps to have a look around the room and to see what color or colors would go well with what you already have as far as decor and even the color of the cabinets and floor.

2. Clean The Room Properly

Though you may want to think that by painting the walls, you are going to eliminate any need to clean them this is not the case at all.

Indeed, by painting walls that have not been cleaned, you will end up with walls that look like dirty walls with paint on them — and that’s not a good look.

The better approach is instead to make sure that you thoroughly clean the walls and then allow time for them to dry before you move on to the next step.

3. Ensure You Have A Ventilation System

Any given painting project is going to involve paints, naturally, which will give off fumes — and that’s not the best thing for a person to be breathing in, especially over an extended period of time.

It’s a good idea for you to plan out the way that you are going to ventilate the room while you are painting so that the noxious fumes (even the better paints will have something emitting from them) and so perhaps you might have a window or two open as well as the door to the room so that you can try to create a cross ventilation.

Getting fresh air into the room is key to a more pleasant painting experience.

4. Measure The Surfaces To Be Painted

If you don’t know how much you have to paint, you are going to run into a couple of issues — one of which is that you won’t be able to properly plan out the timing of the painting project.

The second issue is that you won’t be able to best figure out how much primer and paint you will need, both of which are essential for you to get neither too much nor too little of these important parts of your painting project.

Measuring will help you make a schedule for yourself and will stop you from buying too much or too little paint and primer — neither of which are good for your project budget.

5. Sand The Surfaces You Are Going To Paint

Lastly, remember that a smooth surface is one that is painted well and if you start off by sanding the surface that you are going to paint, your project will go better than if you don’t.

Be sure to clean the sanded surface so you don’t get elements of the sanding process mixed in with the paint later on.

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