Living Room Cabinet Painting With Less Mess In Blue Bell, PA

Living Room Cabinet Painting With Less Mess In Blue Bell, PA

The beautiful thing about your living room cabinet is that even when it’s not looking its best, it does not necessarily mean that you need to get rid of the cabinets — there are other ways that you can improve the look of your cabinet.

However, even when you do something that’s quite good for your cabinet such as painting it, you face some obstacles along the way — specifically, the kind that are like the sorts of messes that can be made while you are painting.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some tips for living room cabinet painting with less mess while keeping your cabinets looking good.

1. Removing The Hardware

If you are working on getting your cabinet painted you will want to remove the hardware that is attached to the cabinet, and that is a good idea for a couple of reasons.

One of them is directly related to the reason that you are reading this article in the first place, which is that not having the hardware there is going to help you to avoid making a mess while painting — you won’t have to make such an effort to avoid getting paint everywhere.

The second is that it is considerably less time consuming to remove the hardware before you paint, as you will not have to spend time slowing down so much as you near the hardware.

2. Paint More Slowly

Though we did just mention painting more quickly, overall the tempo at which you paint your cabinets should be relatively slow compared to what you might think of in terms of how quickly something should be painted.

There are a few reasons that this is the case but as it relates to the subject at hand, it’s better to paint at a slower pace because when you paint too quickly you are likely to make more painting mistakes.

Making these mistakes can be quite messy and on top of that, you have to then go back and correct the mistakes — which will take away all of the time that you have saved.

3. Remove Doors And Drawers

There are many parts of your cabinet that are much more difficult to access when you still have the doors and drawers attached to it, and as such it’s a good idea to remove said doors and drawers prior to starting the painting process.

By removing the doors and drawers you will also be able to better paint said doors and drawers, and one of the keys here is that you have to remember where you took off each of them so that you put them back in the same place — they don’t necessarily match any part of the cabinet that happens to be similar.

You will be laying down the cabinet doors to paint and as such you will end up with better painted cabinet doors, and you will have a much less messy painting project.

4. Putting Down Quality Tarp Or Drop Cloth

Lastly, remember that any painting project is going to involve paint that will drip down from your brush or roller as well as the transport of paint from one area where you are painting to another.

If you do not put down some sort of tarp or drop cloth, you can just imagine the sort of mess that will come about when you spill just a bit of paint — and it can be quite difficult to remove paint from the floor.

By putting down some drop cloth you can ensure that all you’ll have to do when you’re done painting is to remove the dropcloth — not that difficult compared to paint!

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