Choosing the Right Paint for Your Home’s Exterior in Ambler, PA

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Home’s Exterior in Ambler, PA

In the course of getting the exterior of your home to look good, one thing that you could consider is how painting might make everything that much nicer.

One of the things that you have to look into is the kind of paint that you are going to make use of when you’re painting, and it’s not just as simple as realizing you’re painting the exterior of your home and therefore need an exterior paint.

Here, therefore, are some good tips for helping you to choose the right paint for your home’s exterior when you want a well painted home.

1. Consider UV Protection

One thing that you’re going to want to think about when you’re in the process of painting the exterior of your home is the UV protection that is in your paint selection, if there is any.

The importance of UV protection cannot be overstated — and this is particularly the case when you are living in an area where you see a lot of strong sun exposure during the day and your home has no protection with natural elements such as trees and the like.

UV protection in paint will help to protect your home from the damage that the sun will do but you should bear in mind that no protection is permanent and it will wear off over time.

2. Obey HOA Rules

If you happen to live in an area that is regulated by a Home Owner’s Association, better known as an HOA, it’s not going to be entirely up to you when you are choosing the color or colors for your home exterior — they have certain rules in place, after all.

An HOA will have a certain selection of colors from which you will be allowed to choose so that your house does not look too out of place as it were in the neighborhood — and in some cases this includes telling you what combinations of colors are allowed as well.

You have to be careful to follow these laws and regulations set forth by the HOA because if you use colors that they do not permit, they have the ability to set forth fines against you that you have to pay or face possible worse penalties — best to learn about what colors are permitted before you make a selection.

3. Test Colors Well

There are quite a few colors that you’re going to be able to choose for the exterior of your home, but just because you can choose a color does not necessarily mean that it’s a good idea to use that particular color.

What might look fantastic as a color in the paint store when you’re looking at colored strips of paper may lose some of its appeal when you have already covered your entire home with it and allowed time for it to dry.

There are a lot of ways that you’re going to be able to test out a color and see how good it’s going to look but quite possibly one of the most simple ways is to get a small sample container of paint, paint a square on the exterior of your home, and the allow it to dry — and then see how it looks in different lighting settings.

By doing this you will be able to better tell how your home will ultimately look when you have made use of a paint — and if you don’t like the way that color looks, at least you will have only invested a small amount of money on the paint sample and haven’t painted your whole exterior.

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