Painting Your Bedroom Closet: Dos and Don’ts in Horsham, PA

Painting Your Bedroom Closet: Dos and Don’ts in Horsham, PA

In the pursuit of a well painted bedroom closet, there are a number of things you can do while painting that will make it look better — but there are certain things that you can do that would hurt the painting project.

As long as you chiefly stick with the things that help your painting process and are in your best interest while working on the project, you will likely end up with a nicely painted bedroom closet that will stand for years to come and not need painting any time soon.

Let’s have a look at some dos and don’ts when you are painting your bedroom closet.

Do: Use A Higher Quality Paint For Longer Lasting Paint Work

When you’re going to be painting your bedroom closet, you should think about the way that you paint it as well as how you can get it to last longer.

One of the best things you can do to stretch out the life of your painted bedroom closet is to use a better quality paint.

Though it may be a bit tempting to use a cheaper paint to lower the price of your project, it may hurt you ultimately if you have to return to paint the closet sooner because it starts looking less than good.

Don’t: Forget To Protect Areas Near Where You Are Painting

While you are painting your bedroom closet, you will inevitably drip some paint and possibly even spill a little paint and that is normal and perfectly understandable.

This is true but you don’t necessarily want that dripped and spilled paint to end up landing on the floor of your bedroom, where it will be a stain there for many years — stains that are quite difficult to clean.

Laying down a bit of heavy drop cloth or other protective material can help you to prevent paint from staining your room and sticking to the places where you are painting.

Do: Prepare The Surface Being Painted

There are a number of steps that you’re going to want to take part in so that the surface of your closet that is being painted is ready for the painting process.

For one, you’re going to want to make sure that the surface being painted is quite clean and this means removing any dirt or grime that may have accumulated over time.

You moreover will want to be sure that you gently sand the surface of the closet so that you have a smooth surface upon which to apply your primer and paint.

Doing this helps the paint to stay on longer and to go on more easily.

Don’t: Paint Too Quickly

A lot of times people will look at everything that is involved in a painting project and worry about how long it is going to take them and unfortunately one thing they think to do is to paint more quickly.

This ultimately is a really big mistake as the only thing this usually ensures is that the painting project is going to take longer than it normally should.

The problem with painting too quickly is that it often leads to people making fundamental painting errors, the kind of errors that would normally be avoided when you are painting more slowly.

However, once you make the mistakes you then have to make the time to go back and fix them and then by the time you spend the time to fix the mistake, you’ll have taken up more time than if you had just painted more slowly and evenly.

You’ll also spill a lot more paint, which will eat up a good amount of your budget.

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