Painting Your Bedroom Accent Wall: Ideas to Inspire in Blue Bell, PA

Painting Your Bedroom Accent Wall: Ideas to Inspire in Blue Bell, PA

While the typical accent wall is in a room that sees traffic from a number of people, there’s nothing wrong with wanting an accent wall in a room that may only be enjoyed by a couple of people — namely, the people who stay there at night!

What you may want to know is that it’s quite possible to paint a good accent wall and have it look really nice — and with just a little bit of gentle advice and some effort on your part, you can have an accent wall that will be admired for years to follow.

Let’s have a look at some ideas to inspire you when you are painting your bedroom accent wall and you’d like it to stand out.

1. Choose An Appropriate Color Or Colors

In planning your accent wall painting project, it’s a good idea to start out by choosing the right color or colors for the wall, of which there may seem to be quite a lot from which to choose but in reality not too many — when you consider what it really means to be an accent wall.

An accent wall needs to stand out from all of the other walls in the room, and as such the color or colors should be of a contrasting nature to the other walls — if you are indeed using color to try to make your accent wall (which is not the only way to accomplish this.)

Typically, the best action to take is to consider the walls of your room (other than your accent wall) and to figure out what colors contrast with it and then figure out which of those you like for your accent wall.

2. Paint Slowly

Though you may have a look at the wall and the paintwork ahead of you and think that you should paint more quickly to get it done sooner, to do so would be a mistake and you will end up spending more time than if you had just taken your time in the first place.,

Firstly, the faster your painting process, the greater the likelihood that you are going to err in your painting — this can be just about anything that you should not be doing while painting such as applying the paint or primer too thin or thick.

Though this may not seem to be quite that big of a deal, these kinds of mistakes if not corrected make for a rather unpleasant painted accent wall and what is an accent wall if it was not correctly painted?

3. Primer Before Paint

Some people have a tendency to want to skip the primer step, but to do so is to miss out on a fairly critical step in the painting process and could very well throw off your entire painting project — which could have a negative impact on how your accent wall ultimately looks.

For one, if you want a well painted accent wall it helps if you have a smooth surface upon which to apply your paint — and you can’t get much smoother than a wall which has been cleaned, allowed to dry, gently sanded, cleaned once more, and then had a coat of primer applied to it.

Another good thing about primer is that when you have primer on your wall you will find that the paint will stay on that wall for a greater period of time without peeling — and this surely is an appealing prospect as it brings down the overall price of your typical paint project by not having you need to paint as often.

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