The Best Paint Colors for Your Main Bathroom in Horsham, PA

2023-08-13 Aspen Painting Horsham PA Best Paint Colors Main Bathroom

The Best Paint Colors for Your Main Bathroom in Horsham, PA

Your main bathroom is a lovely place in the house that you likely use every day — and as such you are likely to want to actually enjoy the look of the room.

One way that you can improve upon the look of your guest room is to paint it — and a question that will come up in your planning of the painting project is what color or colors you are going to want to use.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some of the best colors that you are going to be able to choose for your main bathroom that will make your bathroom look fantastic.


Blue is one of the most simple colors that people will associate with bathrooms, and this is with good reason — think of the flow of water in a stream and how it makes you feel.

Now think about how you would feel if you were sitting in your bathtub at home relaxing in a warm bath and how the color blue works with that.

The color blue is also associated with a rather pleasant emotional state of being as it can relax you, which is a rather pleasant state of being in your bathroom.

Light Green

Another rather pleasant color for your bathroom is light green, which is suggestive of a number of things that can go well with your main bathroom.

Light green is evocative of the colors of nature, in that you can go out on a walk in a forest or a field and see quite a number of different shades of green.

With light green in your bathroom, you can almost feel as though you have a bit of nature in the house without the worry of having to water plants or the like.


One thing that you should know about the color purple (other than the association with a couple of films and a book bearing that name) is that it is a rather regal color and as such can inspire the feeling of absolute majesty in your bathroom.

All jokes about ‘the throne’ aside, there is much to be said about using a color that is associated with power in a room like this — you want to feel good about yourself regardless of what you are doing in the bathroom, and a color like purple or a shade of purple could be just the thing to help you with that.

Purple is also going to serve you well in a bathroom as it has a sort of timeless nature that will look good in your bathroom for years to come.


In terms of getting some energy in your room, you really can’t do too much better than coral — it’s one of the most energetic colors out there and will add quite a bit of life to your bathroom — and this is particularly good if your bathroom has been painted a somewhat stale and lifeless color for awhile.

Another good thing about the coral color is the dynamic way in which it reflects light and helps you to have a better lit bathroom overall — when you have a bathroom that is somewhat limited in terms of its size and how much natural lighting it has, you are going to want to go for a color that is going to naturally light up the room.

If you have family members that are particular about what colors are in any given shared room and their implied gender norms, they can rest assured that coral is absolutely a gender neutral color that’s not going to go in any direction, gender wise.

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