Useful Tips in Preparing the Wall for Painting After Wallpaper Removal in Horsham, PA

Useful Tips in Preparing the Wall for Painting After Wallpaper Removal in Horsham, PA

Perhaps your child has outgrown the wallpaper in the nursery, and it’s about time to update the walls and paint it after wallpaper removal.

Wallpapers often leave glue on your walls when you remove them; you need to peel or scrape off layers the right way.

Wallpapers would eventually become worn off over time until you have to replace or paint your walls.

With that in mind, check out these useful tips for preparing the wall for painting after wallpaper removal.

1. Remove Glue Residue

Of course, you are eager to start painting your walls after removing the wallpapers.

However, the surface should be ready, and glue and all backing paper must be removed so painting would be easier.

You have to remove the glue using TSP or trisodium phosphate, or perhaps a vinegar solution, along with the water to clean up the walls.

Be careful in using TSP, as it can be tough on your hands. That’s why you need to wear gloves if you use this product.

2. Clean the Wall

You have to scrub your walls gently and rinse with warm water and try doing it without getting the wall too wet.

To do this, you have to fill a sprayer with clean water to use in spraying the walls.

Wipe the wall surface using a wet sponge to remove the remaining residue thoroughly.

Following this tip will allow the walls to dry for one to two days.

3. Smoothen the Surface

Of course, if the remaining adhesive of the wallpaper will make the wall feel rough, it would help if you sand it lightly.

This will knock down the rough texture and make it smooth again to make it ready for painting.

However, if you cannot get the backing paper when you wash the walls, make use of sandpaper as it works on smooth walls.

4. Sand and Seal

If you sand the walls, use a sanding block wrapped in 120-grit sandpaper.

Also, you may apply a coat of oil-based paint to the walls when you use a roller, as it works as a sealant to lock the grease spots, water-based adhesive, or stain.

Doing so will not seep through to interfere with painting, and it also allows the paint to dry.

You also need to check your walls if there is loose or flaking paint, and if you find any, you just have to sand them off.

5. Fill Damage Areas

It’s common for wallpaper removal to cause damage to the wall, that’s why you should also fill even the small holes, cracks, or dents with joint compound, and you only have to apply compound to holes using a putty knife.

You may also apply a skim coating over to any backing paper to keep the edges of the paper from revealing the final finish, and once done, allow it to dry, sand smooth, and feather the edges.

6. Prime Repair

Once all the glue has been removed and it shows smooth surfaces, you may now apply a coat of latex primer.

However, if the glue stays and remains, then use the Universal Oil Base or shellac primer, as the latex will soften the remaining adhesive.

You just have to be careful in sealing the remaining backing paper because there’s a big chance it will lift and pull the paint up with it.

This will be another reason to remove the remaining backing paper right before priming.

You may also seal repairs and let them dry, as it helps hide the repairs once you are done painting.

7. Paint

Last but not least, paint the walls and use your choice of roller. This should be done once the wall has dried already.

Be aware of some patched areas, as they may sometimes appear as untidy spots.

However, it can be fixed easily with another high-quality paint coating and course, performing good techniques.

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