Bathroom Painting: Colors To Use in Blue Bell, PA

Bathroom Painting: Colors To Use in Blue Bell, PA

In painting your bathroom, there are a lot of considerations that you should have in mind, but one that will have a pretty big impact for a long time to come will be the color or colors that you choose for the walls.

There are a number of different colors that you’ll be able to choose for your bathroom but as you can imagine, not all of them are going to be quite appropriate for painting your bathroom walls.

You are ultimately going to be the best judge of what will look nice on your bathroom walls, but as is often the case it sometimes is helpful to have some suggestions in front of you from which to choose.

Let’s have a look at some colors to use when you’re painting your bathroom in Blue Bell, PA

1. Light Purple

Though you might think of a color such as purple as being pretty radical for a room as your bathroom, depending on the shade of purple that you choose to use, you can actually get away with making the bathroom look like a pretty posh and cool place to be.

The thing to bear in mind is that your furniture in the bathroom is going to have to also go along with the color that you choose for the wall, so you don’t want to go too far from the blue shades for these items – and if you want a nice contrasting color, you really can’t go wrong with a yellow for some other parts of your bathroom.

2. Pink And Charcoal

There are two colors that you likely never thought would go together, and those are pink and charcoal – yet if you think about it, these two colors are very nicely well suited to go together.

If you look a typical bathroom and try to imagine how that bathroom would look if it were entirely pink, you’re likely to think that it would not be a good idea – too much pink, right?

(Granted, there are some who would look at this sort of scenario and say that it is perfect – and for them, that’s okay!)

For others, however, it is helpful to have a color with which to contrast the pink – and that is where the charcoal comes in, a good color that will offset all of the brightness.

3. Peach

There are few colors that we would say are absolutely perfect for a bathroom, and yet here we are to say that peach might be one such color.

There might be hesitation in your mind and if that’s the case, you likely would not want to make use of peach – but just think of how pleasant the color peach is, and the amount of joy and light that such a color would bring to the room.

The thing about using peach is that you have to be careful with the shade of the color that you are using not to use too bright of a shade, such that the room will not look as though it is overexposed.

4. Red (Accent Wall Or Otherwise)

You might recognize that red can be quite a bold and dramatic color and therefore might seem not to have a place in the bathroom, but if you make use of the right shade of red you can certainly make use of it as an accent wall in the bathroom, looking nice among the other walls in the room.

However, it can also be used as the primary color for the wall colors – and there’s nothing wrong with doing this, so long as you are careful to make sure that the rest of the room looks good alongside it, as it were.

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