Garden Fence Staining Tricks in Horsham, PA

2022-07-20 Aspen Paint And Wallcovering Horsham PA Garden Fence Staining Tricks

Garden Fence Staining Tricks in Horsham, PA

It’s entirely possible that you are going to want to improve upon the look of your garden fence, particularly if it is a plain wood fence that you’ve recently built and you are considering either painting or staining it.

If you decide you are going to stain your garden fence, there are things you can do to make your fence look better from the staining process — and it’s just a matter of learning what you need to do to make the fence look better through staining.

Let’s have a look at some garden fence staining tricks that will get your fence to look much nicer.

1. Prepare For The Staining Project

One thing that you’re going to need to do when you have a garden fence staining project ahead of you is to be properly prepared for it.

This means that you will have to do some elementary things such as cleaning the area around the fence as well as the surface of the fence to be stained but also making sure that you measure how much is to be stained so that you have enough supplies on hand.

By doing this you will not only purchase sufficient stain to get your garden fence stained but you’ll be able to figure out a good timeline for staining such that you will get it done in a timely manner.

2. Check The Weather

In any given garden fence staining project, you have to be well aware of what the weather is going to be like before you start staining, and make sure that you do not start if you see that there is rain in the forecast.

Rain and cold are two things that are not conducive to a good painting project, so you should hold off on staining your garden fence until you see a few dry days that are relatively warm — not too warm, of course.

3. More Coats Means Darker Stain

Though you may be happy with the particular color of the stain that you have chosen, it’s worth knowing that if you apply one coat of stain and you want to see the stain look darker, it bears applying another coat of the stain.

This staining process is fairly one way in direction – you cannot get your garden fence to be lighter in color by somehow removing just one coat of the stain, as removing stain is not at all a simple process.

It bears paying careful attention to the look of the stain on your fence and making sure that you know what it looks like compared to the picture you have in your mind — and then stopping once you have reached your ideal look.

4. Wait Before Applying Another Coat 

You are surely aware of the process of staining a garden fence and how quite likely it is going to take a while, and so you may look for things you can do to cut down the amount of time that it will take to stain your garden fence properly.

One thing that people will sometimes do is to apply a coat of stain to the fence and then, without waiting enough time for the one coat to dry, apply the next coat.

Though you might see this and think that there’s no issue with it, the truth is that you could very easily ruin the staining work that you have going on if you don’t allow time to pass for the previous coat to dry.

The previous stain may actually start coming off onto your brush if you haven’t allowed it to dry – and that’s certainly not a look you want for your garden fence.

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