Guest Room Painting On A Budget In Ambler, PA

2022-10-06 Aspen Painting And Wallcovering Ambler PA Guest Room Painting Budget

Guest Room Painting On A Budget In Ambler, PA

You may know that a guest room is a nice place where you can have friends and family stay — and if it’s been a while since your guest room was painted or you just want to give it a new look, the budget of the painting project may be one of the more daunting things facing you.

An important thing to know is that there are things that you can do to lower the budget of your painting project, which will help you if you still want your guest room to look good while not spending too much money doing so.

Let’s have a look at some tips for guest room painting on a budget.

1. Use Borrowed Equipment

One thing that’s going to help you bring down the cost of your painting project is if you aren’t going to have to pay for the equipment needed to do it.

This would come in the form of the paint rollers as well as the paintbrushes that will be applying the paint, but also will be the paint trays that you use to hold the paint and other such things.

If you have in mind that you are going to be pursuing a number of painting projects once you finish with your guest room, it does make sense to invest some money into painting equipment but if you aren’t going to be doing so, why spend money on equipment that’s just going to sit in storage for who knows how long?

It’s worth seeing if there are people from whom you can borrow equipment as you may have friends or family that paints more regularly and would be happy to loan you the equipment — just make sure to return it in the same or better condition than you borrowed it!

2. Buy Paint On Sale

Though it’s not something that can be so easily anticipated like other things that go on sale, there are occasions on which paint will go on sale and when this happens it is not a bad idea to take advantage of said sale and buy it.

What this really means is that you should really have the painting project as a long-term goal rather than something that you need to do immediately — though if you have guests coming in a particular time period this may not be possible.

The best thing is for your painting project to be on a longer scale so that you can best take advantage of sales that happen periodically and get your painting done for less money.

3. Make Good Use Of Primer

Though you may not see a correlation between the use of primer and how much your painting project costs (other than it is clear that you do have to pay for primer up front and therefore it would seem to cost you a bit more that way) there are ways that making use of primer will bring down the cost of your painting project — over time, that is.

There are two key benefits to making use of a primer, one of which is particularly beneficial for you as someone trying to lower your painting project cost and that is the fact that when you use primer, the paint that you apply will stay on the surface longer without peeling.

The reason that this reduces your painting cost is that when you look at the overall cost of a painting project, you really have to think about how much the project costs you and then divide that amount by how long it is until you need to paint again.

A painting project that doesn’t cost you a lot but then has to be done all over again a year later is actually going to cost you more than one that costs you more upfront but lasts several years, for example.

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