Living Room Cabinet Painting Tricks in Blue Bell, PA

Living Room Cabinet Painting Tricks in Blue Bell, PA

You might think that your living room looks as good as can be, and that may be true, but then when you consider the look of your living room cabinets, it’s entirely possible you may reconsider.

Of course, it’s well worth mentioning that you don’t have to get rid of your living room cabinet and get a new one in order to improve the look of the room — you can make the existing cabinet look nicer by giving it a fresh paint job.

The painting of a living room cabinet should be done with great care, and if you do it right you can give your cabinet a longer life and make it look better than ever.

Let’s have a look at some living room cabinet painting tricks

1. Use Glossy Paint

One thing that you may not realize is when you’re looking to paint your living room cabinets is the sort of paint that you use, as it will have a big impact on how you are going to be able to clean the cabinets when they get dirty.

The difference between paint that is glossy and paint that is flat is that when you have glossy paint, you’ll have an easier time cleaning the cabinets and if you make use of flat paint, it will be quite difficult.

Since you are going to be painting a cabinet that will be used in a room that is as high traffic as the living room is, it’s better to use glossy paint to make it that much easier to clean.

2. Think Well About The Color Or Colors To Use

There are quite a lot of colors that you might be able to use for your living room cabinet, but as you can imagine they aren’t all going to work out well.

A few things that will help you in choosing a good color for your living room cabinet is to see the other colors in the room and then to go off of those in terms of contrast.

You might want to even think about getting a couple of small samples of paint so that you’ll be able to see how the colors will look on the actual cabinets.

3. Remove Hardware Before Painting

There are many ways that you can save time in the painting of your cabinets, but you should not think about removing the hardware in an effort to do so.

Indeed, though it might seem like you will get things done faster if you don’t remove the hardware, you will likely end up spending more time painting than if you first remove the hardware.

Moreover, when you leave the hardware on you will ultimately run the risk of getting paint on it — and that’s even if you make the time to properly protect the hardware with some painter’s tape.

It’s truly a lot easier if you just make the time to remove the hardware of the cabinets before you paint.

4. Paint Slowly

Speaking of time-saving tricks, you are going to be tempted to try to paint more quickly so that you can get the painting work done sooner but this too is going to be a bit of a mistake.

Indeed, some of the biggest painting mistakes can be made when you are rushing through the painting process — and you might do things like not making sure that you wait for each coat to dry, primer included.

By making sure that you take your time during the painting process, you’re going to find that you will make fewer painting mistakes (if any) and those that you make are going to be a lot easier to correct, ultimately.

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