Painting Your Bathroom Cabinets With Less Mess In Horsham, PA

Painting Your Bathroom Cabinets With Less Mess In Horsham, PA

In the process of getting your bathroom looking better, it’s entirely possible that you will have a look at your cabinets and want to make them nicer – perhaps by painting them.

However, you should know that when you are painting your bathroom cabinets there are things you can do to reduce the mess that you could make in the process of painting.

Let’s have a look at some tips for painting your bathroom cabinets with less mess while still painting them quite well.

1. Paint From Painting Trays

One thing that’s going to help you to paint with less mess in your bathroom when you’re painting your bathroom cabinets is to make use of painting trays rather than trying to paint directly from paint buckets.

There are a couple of reasons that this is the case, among them being the fact that when you paint from the paint can, you’re more likely to drip paint in ways that you are not meant to — and it’s by using the paint tray that you are able to more properly apply paint to the brush and certainly to your paint roller.

By making use of a painting tray, you can avoid this sort of mess and get that much more paint on your cabinets rather than onto the floor.

2. Paint More Slowly

Though it may not make too much sense to some on how painting more slowly would help to prevent a mess, you have to realize that some of the biggest messes that people are made are when they make mistakes during the painting process.

By painting too quickly, for example, you will often make these sorts of mistakes and get paint in places where it just should not be — and then you have to go back and correct the mistakes, which takes even more time.

So on top of not actually saving time, you are going to possibly make more of a mess when you paint too quickly — paint can splash and get everywhere, and that is just unpleasant.

3. Cover Your Surfaces

A fairly simple way that you can help to prevent a mess when you are painting the cabinets in the bathroom is to cover just about any surface that may get paint on it.

For example, you are going to want to cover the floor near where you are painting the cabinets, as it is a lot simpler and more time efficient to cover the floor than to try to make the effort to remove any paint that may have dripped onto it during the painting process — and there will be plenty.

By covering these surfaces, you will be spending some extra time but you will ultimately be saving a lot more time as cleanup can be quite time consuming.

4. Remove Doors And Drawers

In addition to making it easier to reach your cabinets, the act of removing your doors and drawers will help you to make less of a mess when you are painting.

Painting the doors should in any case be done with the doors removed from the cabinets because doing it this way will help you to lay them down and to properly paint them without worrying about how you are going to cover them fully.

The drawers, on the other hand, are just about impossible to paint while they are attached to the cabinets without making some kind of a mess given how they are attached and how you will be accessing the drawers and the angles involved.

The best thing to do is to remove them entirely until they are fully painted and then once they are dry you can return them.

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