Wooden Deck Staining Tricks To Learn In Blue Bell, PA

2022-11-06 Aspen Painting Wallcovering Blue Bell PA Wooden Deck Staining Tricks

Wooden Deck Staining Tricks To Learn In Blue Bell, PA

Your wooden deck is an important part of your overall exterior home aesthetic, and though it would be nice if we could just stain it the one time and then have that be the only time we do it, there’s more to it than just that.

Indeed, semi-regular staining is a thing when it comes to wooden deck ownership, and if you want to have a well stained deck there are certain things to bear in mind that will help make for a better stained deck.

Let’s look at some wooden deck staining tricks to learn

1. Remove Furniture From The Deck First

One thing you’re going to want to do when you’re staining your deck is to remove all of the furniture.

Though this might seem like a bit of a tedious and difficult chore, this actually is going to be quite useful as you will not have to work your way around the furniture as you stain the deck.

Moreover, you aren’t going to have to worry about staining half of the deck first and then staining the other half of the deck — you can get the whole thing stained at once.

2. Nothing Can Be Under The Deck

The process of staining your deck involves applying a few coats of stain to the wood that is your deck — and that doesn’t mean that the stain will only stay on the panels of your deck!

Specifically, the stain will actually drip down, even if you are quite careful with how you apply it — and that means that if there’s anything under the deck, the stain will get on it.

It’s understandable that you may be hesitant to move everything from under the deck and if it’s the case that you simply cannot move the things for whatever reason, it’s a good idea to put a tarp over those things so at least the stain will get on the tarp and not your belongings.

3. Minor And Major Damage Repair Is Necessary

At times when you are making use of your deck, things may fall on it and cause minor damage that is not immediately noticeable.

Other times the mere passage of time and the weathering of the deck can lead to rot of different sorts on the deck, which can sometimes be quite bad.

If the damage is minor enough, you’ll be able to fix the damage with a substance called wood putty, which fills in smaller holes quite well before you finish the deck.

If you find that the damage is greater than that, it is sometimes better to just replace the entire damaged plank — when you do this, you have to make sure that it’s the same kind of wood or you will find that the plank will not match the others at all.

4. More Coats Make For Darker Stains

In terms of applying stain to your deck, the color of the stain you end up with is dependent on a couple of factors — the color of the actual stain, as well as the number of coats of stain that you apply to the deck.

When you apply more coats of stain, you will ultimately end up with a darker stain.

5. Weather Check Is Needed

Lastly, you should remember that the weather is going to be a fairly important factor in deciding whether you should paint your deck or hold off for a better time.

Specifically, you aren’t going to want to stain your deck when it is raining and certainly not when it’s snowing — rather, you want to wait for a dry and preferably overcast day to properly stain your deck.

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