Painting Your Home Exterior : Weather Tips In Ambler, PA

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Painting Your Home Exterior: Weather Tips In Ambler, PA

In getting ready to paint the exterior of your home, there are certain things that you should bear in mind — but among them, the weather can be one of the most impactful, so to speak, making for a good or possibly disastrous painting project depending on how you respond to it.

With the right equipment on hand and taking some key tips into consideration, you will have a well painted home exterior at the end of the painting project.

Let’s have a look at some weather tips for painting your home exterior so that you have a better painted home.

1. Consider Your Seasons

You will know better than anyone what the various seasons are where you live, and it’s important to understand that not all seasons are going to be appropriate for the painting of your home.

This of course means that if you notice that in your area it tends to rain a lot during the spring, it will not be good to paint then because of how bad rain is for your painting project.

Similarly, if you see that it is more likely to snow at one point of the year (the winter, for example) it will certainly not be a good time to paint your home exterior – there are few things that will wreck a painting project quite like cold weather and snow on your home exterior — it makes for a painted surface that will likely be prone to painting problems that will surely ensue when you paint over a wet surface.

2. Neither Too Hot Nor Too Cold

Even if you have the right season chosen out for your painting project, you still have to be mindful of what the temperatures are going to be during the time that you’re looking to paint your home.

If you look at the temperature during the daytime you will see that there are times of the day when it is warmer outside and times when it is less so.

You will ideally want to paint your home when the temperature outside is appropriate depending on the kind of paint that you are going to be using.

The best thing for you to do is to check your weather forecast for any given day and then figure out when it would be best for you to paint your home.

3. Use Paint Best For The Weather

There are of course many kinds of exterior paint that you’re going to be able to make use of while you are painting the exterior of your home, and one of the best things you can do is to be aware of the kind of weather that you can expect in your area and based on that choose a weather appropriate paint.

There are, for example, paints that are best for areas where it snows more often than usual — you would want to make use of a paint that is resistant to snow to ensure that you don’t find yourself looking at a home that looks considerably worn after only a couple of years.

4. Humidity And Its Effect

Lastly, consider the effect that humidity can and will have on your painting project before you start off on any given day to paint the exterior of your home.

Specifically, you should be well aware of the fact that when it’s quite humid outside, it will take significantly longer for your paint to dry than if the air is dry, as it were.

It is the moisture in the air that prevents the paint from drying properly, and therefore you are going to want to try to aim to paint on days when the air is drier than not in order to have a more successful painting project.

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